The present: why heritage matters

THE decisionS we make in the present HAVE A DIRECT IMPACT ON our clientS’ futureS.

Our vision for our role as a law firm is borne of our heritage. Our ethos is drawn from many models, realities, and lessons. It has been long-tested. The decisions we make in the present have a direct impact on our clients’ futures. In a world of noise, distraction, short-termism and volatility, in a world that demands ‘modernity’ for modernity’s sake, we know the value of knowing who we are. It doesn’t mean we don’t move with the times. Quite the opposite, it qualifies us to lead.

We are guarantors of the law, not loophole finders. We are instruments for business integrity through the law. Does that make our job harder? It can do. Does it mean we have to be brighter, more creative, more persistent to get the same results? If it does, we welcome that. Is it worth it? Every time. The competitive advantage for our clients is considerable: stability and security, vital in a region addressing complicated issues in challenging times. Given a recent history in which scandals have had a global impact, our clients, with worldwide reputations to protect, understand the value of this.